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CST manufactures synthetic serum and synthetic urine for immunoassay controls, in vitro diagnostics, medical device development and product testing

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CST Technologies is the inventor and global manufacturer of SeraSub® Synthetic Serum and UriSub® Synthetic Urine.

SeraSub, UriSub, alternatives to human serum albumin


SeraSub and UriSub are CST Technologies stable, consistent, uncontaminated and cost-effective alternatives to human serum albumin (HSA), bovine serum albumin (BSA), serum and urine.

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SeraSub and UriSub have been used by hundreds of customers for immunoassay controls, in vitro diagnostics, medical device development and product testing.


Unlike human- and animal-based serum and urine, SeraSub and UriSub are stable at room temperature, are free of microbiologic contaminants and have unmatched lot-to-lot consistency. Remarkably, SeraSub and UriSub also have the ability to preserve many types of analytes including sensitive enzymes, proteins, haptens and drugs-of-abuse analytes.

SeraSub and UriSub can thereby eliminate the need for storage by lyophilization (freeze-drying), reducing costs and any chance of error during reconstitution.


Quantitative determination of endogenous compounds in biological samples using chromatographic techniques

Chromatographic methods are increasingly being used for the quantitative determination of endogenous compounds in biological samples. This article presents an overview of the specific issues, which have to be taken into account for the development, validation and application of these methods. The usual lack of analyte-free samples of the biological matrix implies that alternative strategies for calibration have to be followed. This article compares and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of two strategies – the use of the authentic analyte in a surrogate matrix and the use of a surrogate analyte in the authentic matrix. In addition, it highlights important aspects of the validation of chromatographic methods for endogenous analytes.

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CST Technologies is confident that if you evaluate SeraSub and UriSub for your applications, you will soon join our satisfied customers who have dropped the use of human- and animal-derived serum and urine for the purity, stability, consistency, and cost-effectiveness of SeraSub and UriSub.